An Active Valentines Date Idea

An Active Valentines Date Idea

You might be reading this because you are tired of the standard way of celebrating valentines. Here are some date ideas to make your valentines date more active, powerful, and passionate!

Move Number 1: Cook Together A Full-Pack Breakfast

What better way to start your day than working together in the kitchen? Turn up your theme song and sway to the beat while prepping your ingredients. Your breakfast may be as simple as a boiled egg or as complex as a smoked salmon sandwich, but as long as you do it together, and with love, you are headed to a great day. 

Move Number 2: Sweat Together

Release dopamine and endorphin through a bit of yoga, cardio, or boxing with your partner. No need to think about what video to follow since Splore has you covered.  A short workout together would surely strengthen not only your bond but your health as well. Maybe through this, you could find a common ground and make it your everyday bonding time.  

Move Number 3: Be With Your Partner Throughout The Day. 

It sucks that valentine’s day falls on a workday but you can still hang out with your fave person by sending each other sweet notes and updates all throughout the day. Bonus tip: With perfect timing, surprise your partner with a little spicy pic of you to thrill and inspire your boo at work. 

Move Number 4: Do A Moving Activity 

If you have free time this valentine’s day, why not go on a hike with your partner or do rock climbing? Be in the moment and forget about everything else but your partner.

Move 5: Practice your Yoga Poses 

Okay, lovebirds, make those yoga poses to good use and do something different in bed. Who doesn’t want stretchy for dinner am I right? 

Tip Number 6: Prepare A Steamy Hot Bath For Your Beloved 

Since you guys have done so much this valentine’s day, a nice warm bath would be the best day-ender. If you can, join your partner in the bath and talk about how your day went with a glass of wine in the tub. 

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