Broken New Year’s Resolution?

Broken New Year’s Resolution?

Your new year’s resolution might have ended early or you may not have even started it, but do know that new year’s resolutions do not need to start exactly on the first day of January. In fact, you have 52 weeks to progress on your goals. 

With that, don’t feel discouraged just because your new year’s resolution was put to a halt maybe due to a busy schedule or a night out with your friends. Here are some ways to bounce back stronger from your broken resolutions. 

Let Go of Self-doubts

This quote is really powerful and true. Doubt is the real enemy because it would make you not push through or not try at all and that for me is the true failure. Doubting would also result in external excuses for you to not start your resolutions like “the gym is too far”, “I’m too busy”, or “I don’t have enough equipment”. Try knowing what makes you uninterested and detached from the things you do and try to work around them. With that, let go of all self-doubts and do not let them take over you. 

Don’t Rush and Warm-up

It is indeed scary and intimidating to follow the traditional path of new year’s resolutions, wherein right after all the parties ended, we would immediately jump to doing our resolutions in one big go. So try to ease it in because you have the whole year ahead of you. Remember that baby steps are the way to go especially if you are just starting. You may not see changes immediately, but small progress is still progress. 

Be Consistent

You don't always need to go above and beyond the things you do for you are not in a race nor in a competition. Be gentle to yourself but be consistent with the things that would benefit you in fulfilling your goals. Be consistent in doing the things that make your resolutions enjoyable first and then start pushing yourself more in every progress or achievement you do. 

Look for a Buddy or Community 

The best motivation is really from people that would show support in the journey that you are in. You need the best cheerleaders, especially if what you are doing is outside your comfort zone. So find a partner or maybe a community that would cheer you on, give you tips, and help you successfully achieve your goals. 

To share with you a bit about myself, I found my community in Splore Fitness. Through their advocacy of bringing fitness and wellness first, I was able to find a supportive community. Get to know more about Splore by visiting their social media pages and website.

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