Collection: Cass Salandanan

Splore Coach Cass Salandanan

I will always be advocating for self-love through movement! My name's Cass, and I'm currently part of POUND's team of global brand ambassadors (we're called Tour Crew!). Undeniably, I've been obsessed with this fitness format since late 2018, and I hope to bring the same exhilarating & liberating feeling to my students with each workout we'll rockout to. Aside from POUND, I also teach functional workouts under F45 Training, and am firm believer in the 'PRACTICE MAKES POSSIBLE' mantra. Take it one small (and doable) step at a time, and you'll thank yourself in the future for it. Oh, and as early as now, do expect me to be your biggest fan & loudest cheerleader in class. Let's get it!