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Splore coach Denise Gonzales


Hello! My name is Denise, a vinyasa yoga teacher. I've always been quite active but no matter what I got into, I always found my way back to yoga-- for relaxation, strength and mindfulness. I got certified to teach at Beyond Yoga Quezon City under Anna Carbonell in March 2018 and this was one of the best things I've done for myself. I am honored to assist you in your yoga journey.


Experience Vinyasa Yoga Flow to connect with your inner self through breath and yoga poses. Learn stretching and breathing exercises to remove trapped stress and blockages in the system through Pranayama or breathwork and mindfulness practices partnered with the Bodytalk Cortices technique and creative visualization.


Teaching Credentials and Certifications:

-200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Certification March 2018

-100-hour Yin Yoga Certification May 2019

-Bodytalk Access and Mindscape Healer March 2019

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