How To Navigate Your Program & Dashboard - Sun Life


1. Join a program
2. Click buy now
3. Enter your correct information

NOTE: Use your personal email for registering here and not your work email. Also please use your real name in registrations.

4. Enter the exclusive discount code given to you.

NOTE: Once the code is applied, your class purchase should be at Php 0

5. Press continue to payment and then complete your order. 
6. You will receive an email containing the program details, and the link to register for the program dashboard.
7. Once you're in the sign up page, just input the same details you added on the previous checkout page, click sign up
8. You should be able to see your dashboard by now!
9. View your program schedules, view your points, compete against friends and access all out free courses and classes within your dashboard!
10. You can always go back to your dashboard by clicking on the tabs mentioned in the video or you can quickly access it here as well.
See you in class!! ⚡️
If you have questions for us along the way, you could reach us via email at