Barre Intensity | November 10, 6:00pm HKT with Coach Clay Pascua

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Splore Class by Coach Clay Pascua

About the class:

Barre Intensity® combines attributes of Pilates, dance, and functional fitness training. We incorporate small isolated movement to fatigue the muscles, large range motion to elevate the heart rate, and sequencing that incorporates upper and lower body to make every minute count. This results in a total body workout that leaves you mentally strong and feeling accomplished.

Duration: A full Barre Intensity® class with Coach Clay lasts for 45 minutes, including warm-up and cool down routines.

Difficulty level: Beginner

Equipment needed for the class: While Barre Intensity® focuses on stability and body weight movements, we do encourage you to have at least a light set of dumbbells, anything from 1-3lbs, a yoga mat, and a chair or any surfaces you may hold onto for balance and stability.

Optional Equipment*

1. Yoga Ball / Block

2. Gliders

About the Coach:

I am a Primary Teacher by profession and a part-time fitness instructor for POUND and Barre Intensity. I extend my fitness profile by teaching POUND both to kids and adult groups. Meanwhile, my Barre classes just recently launched this May of 2021. I am a kid at heart. My way of teaching shows this quality, and I use it to my advantage to be able to coach effectively, and to make sure that the class is fun, energizing, and motivating. My fitness coaching goals surpasses just exercising and working out. I make it a point that every class I conduct involves a mind-body connection that not only nurtures the physical body, but also our mental faculties.

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