Kettlebell Flow, Complex and Strengthening | September 22, 4:00pm HKT with Coach Migs Morales

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Splore Class by Coach Migs Morales

About the class:

Duration: The class itself is 45-60 minutes long.

Difficulty level: Beginner

Equipment needed for the class:At least 1 Kettlebell or a pair.

Kettlebell Flow is two or more exercises, strung together and performed with one rep of each movement back-to-back in a fluid sequence. It is an all-in-one total. body conditioning workout based on 6 Pillars of Foundational Movements. The 6 training pillars are Push, Pull, Squat & Lunge, Hinge, Snatch, and Clean. 

About the coach:

I'm a Fitness Coach who practices scientific and evidence-based approach in training my clients! I'm currently the Head Football Coach and part time Calisthenics Coach of SPARTA Philippines. I consider myself a "multi-sport" person since I play and know how to teach different sports wether if its a team or individual sport. I'm currently looking and exploring which Fitness Certification to get (ACE, NASM, Exos etc.) I also have a background and basic knowledge on Basic Nutrition. 

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