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Nutrition Talks

Nutrition Talks

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Because health isn’t just about physical fitness. The food you eat matters too!

Splore recognizes the importance of not only having a healthy relationship with exercise but also with food. With obesity rates steadily increasing in various countries all over the world, having a concrete and in-depth understanding is crucial to adapting a healthy lifestyle.

Now more than ever, we understand how difficult it can be to cook a healthy meal when you’re already juggling your work and home life. Oftentimes, it’s easier to just grob a salty, fatty, or sugar snack in your pantry and just head out the door.

What many people don’t realize is that their highly processed and unhealthy diets could negatively impact not only their physical health but also affect other aspects of their lives.

Not only would you feel more exhausted and prone to illnesses, it could also lead to a decrease in productivity, motivation and fulfillment in the workplace, and more expenses. Research shows that having a proper diet and grasp of basic nutrition could improve your productivity by 20% percent.

Ever heard of the 70/30 rule? Weight loss is 70% the foods you eat, and 30% goes to exercise.

By knowing more about what you put in your body, you are able to create a science-backed strategy that is custom-tailored to your goals.

Understanding how different food groups affect your body and health is crucial to creating a nutrition plan that works for you.

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