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A three-in-one class just for you.

According to The Heart Foundation, one of the most common excuses people say for not exercising or quitting is that they find it boring or unengaging.

Boredom is a dangerous thing that can easily derail you from reaching your goals. When you find an activity unstimulating, you are less likely to push through with it, which is understandable.

Splore proudly presents Piloxing: a high-energy interval workout that blends together your favorite classes to ensure maximize productivity and burn while also remaining upbeat and engaging. 

Piloxing, a combination of Pilates, boxing, and dance, incorporates the benefits of all classes to create heart-pumping compound exercises that will assist you in achieving your physical fitness goals. 

By combining the high intensity of boxing with the fun associated with dance and Pilates ensures no class is ever boring. Exercises are also easily tailored to accommodate people coming from different fitness levels with varying objectives so that everyone can still enjoy a great workout.