Strengthen x Stretch | August 21, 9:30am HKT with Coach Danica Calapatan

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Splore Class by Coach Danica Calapatan

About the class:

Duration: 60 minutes

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Equipment needed for the class: Yoga Mat, Light weights (Optional), Water & Towel

Strengthen x Stretch is full body, barre based workout that will strengthen your body and you get some juicy stretches after. Barre workout is based from Pilates, yoga and dance. Full body, high intensity and low impact workout that will definitely strengthen your body and mind.

About the coach:

I did rhythmic gymnastics for 10 years before becoming a barre instructor and a dancer. I'm so glad that I'm able to do and teach barre because it helps me understand and get to know my body better, and it definitely makes me stronger not only physically but mentally.

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