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If you were ever wondering how to jumpstart your fitness journey online, this article lists five trending fitness classes you can try right at the comfort of your home.

“Quarantine weight” is now what we call the “inexplicable” pounds gained over the months when we’ve all been safely cooped up inside our homes. Gyms and sporting facilities have closed shop, forcing fitness enthusiasts, or even those who just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to become a little more creative or face the consequences of beating their personal records every time they step onto their bathroom scales.

Working out at home isn’t new, but it did start to trend when COVID-19 turned into a full-blown pandemic. Many of us use video streaming to complete an exercise clip, and being creative meant looking for other ways to make sure we were getting the much-needed physical activity despite being indoors. This highly infectious disease indeed changed the fitness industry as we know it, giving rise to trending fitness classes you can take online.

1. Yoga

Yoga is one of the 5 Trending Fitness Classes You Can Take Online

Even before the lockdowns began, yoga has already hit the mainstream. The modern world had already embraced this ancient practice, becoming one of the top 10 fitness trends in 2018. The pandemic couldn’t keep the yogis away from their regular practice, which eventually transcended the en masse studio closures and made its way to online media.

With an estimated 300 million yoga practitioners worldwide, not even a pandemic could stop them from doing what they love. Yogis have found apps and YouTube channels featuring yoga instructors to keep them busy with the practice. It also helps that yoga not only gives practitioners a healthier mindset during these trying times, but it also boosts the immune system to fight the disease, making it the most popular type of online video workout of all time.

2. Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is one of the 5 Trending Fitness Classes You Can Take Online

Another home workout option that’s becoming increasingly popular is indoor cycling. This comes as no surprise since the activity has already gained prominence in recent years. With health and safety taking center stage, spinning enthusiasts, cyclists, and even triathletes are training in the safety of their homes.

According to Wattbike CEO Richard Baker, web sessions have increased by 110% in March, with a 250% boost in sales. In April, web sessions surged by 300%, with sales climbing to 250%. 

Advanced equipment combined with new tech is playing a massive part in this growing trend. Turbo trainers and static bikes are flying off the shelves, with apps and virtual training platforms elevating the indoor cycling experience to make it easier and more fun for athletes to make the transition.

3. Resistance Bands Training

Resistance bands training is one of the 5 Trending Fitness Classes You Can Take Online

One of the main drawbacks of gym closures is the absence of all the equipment when you start doing your workouts at home. Investing in weights can be expensive while taking up a lot of space, and it makes no sense buying a set once the world is COVID-19-free. The quick solution? Resistance bands.

Owning a set of resistance bands is like having your own “gym in a bag,” and the good news is they show similar results to weights in both upper and lower body exercises. The even better news is you won’t run out of classes to take online.

4. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is one of the 5 Trending Fitness Classes You Can Take Online

Considering how easy it is to perform this workout using home gym equipment, it’s expected that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has become a hit these past few months. Who wouldn’t want to have the best workout in the least amount of time?

HIIT has been around for over a hundred years. It was a runner’s training regimen, alternating between sprints and jogs to boost their endurance. It only went mainstream around a decade ago when sports scientists started to churn out study after study, proving that HIIT delivered a host of health benefits. These reasons have crowned HIIT as the most popular workout trend during quarantine, boasting a 57% increase in search interest.

5. Dance Classes

Dance classes are one of the 5 Trending Fitness Classes You Can Take Online

Staying home for weeks to avoid a spreading infectious disease can be stressful. Those who shun the gym may have found a more fun alternative in keeping the anxiety at bay, while others have been a little more inventive in engaging their passions.

Since the start of the pandemic, dancers of all disciplines have migrated from the studio to take part in digital dance classes at home. Many organizations and professionals are now teaching through various online platforms, with beginners and enthusiasts also joining to keep them both mentally and physically healthy.

Take Your Pick

Thanks to the internet (but not thanks to the pandemic), we have fantastic exercise options to choose from if you’re looking for variety. Coaches have also shifted to teaching virtual classes, so there is a chance you can continue your previous memberships or explore new teachers through referrals or quick searches in your area. After all, you can’t deny that having a teacher guiding you through a live online class is beneficial in doing safe workouts!

For now, you can explore different disciplines in the safety of your home as you go through your fitness journey! For more updates on the Splore app, subscribe to our newsletter!

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