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Online fitness classes are here to stay. Here’s how you can market yourself to keep up with the competition.

The majority of 2020 kept most of us quarantined at home, no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that was declared in March of the same year. Since then, we’ve seen different businesses worldwide cope and adjust to the changes needed to adapt to the “new normal,” which involves safety measures, social distancing, and wearing protective gear whenever it’s required to step out. Fitness establishments like gyms are no exception.

One of the earliest solutions for the fitness industry to survive was offering online classes. Soon enough, many people started to get their workout fix via live streaming, video conferencing (otherwise known as videotelephony), or watching pre-recorded videos. Even though gyms in GCQ areas have been given the green light to restart operations, many are still skeptical and would like to continue achieving their fitness goals at home. We can’t blame them, as this is looking to be the safer option for as long as there is no cure available.

If you’re a studio or fitness coach who’s struggling to get your numbers back up since the pandemic hit, then this post can help you out. Continuously offering and promoting online classes are some of the smartest ways to generate revenue regardless if your gym is running again. Check out these ideas below.

1. Offer live classes to keep existing memberships active

Keep the vibe of “going to class” alive by holding live classes on time slots that work best for your regulars. This will help them manage their time and give them the feeling of looking forward to somethingーa rarity we didn’t know we’d experience during this pandemic. Live classes also have coaches that actively check on students and their form, which is a crucial part of being a coach and a safer way to teach workouts.

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2. Partner with other fitness brands

Working with other fitness communities will give you a larger audience and allow you to foster camaraderie with other fitness enthusiasts during these trying times. The pandemic has brought out the community spirit in most people, which could open yourself to new audiences. For example, you can work with a line of activewear clothing to get a discount on a class for every purchase of one of their products. (Psst, Splore is also looking for partner coaches to help breathe life back into the fitness industry. Click here to know more!)

3. Increase activity on social media

It’s time to experiment with different posts that can drive engagement and interest in the classes that you offer. If posting your schedule doesn’t cut it, maybe try uploading sample workout videos. You can also share tips with your audience or even meal plan ideas. This builds credibility and gives prospective clients a sneak peek at what you can offer.

Also, take time to figure out where your target audience is. Instagram and Facebook are two great places to start, but keep your eyes peeled on other channels that can bring more students knocking on your door.

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4. Start a fitness challenge

Another idea is you can come up with a gimmick that can encourage your existing members to do with you. Ask them to tag friends to do the same, come up with a unique hashtag, and see where the traction leads. While this might seem intimidating at first, it’s better to focus on how you can make fitness fun versus thinking it will go viral right away. Listen to feedback or suggestions from your studentsーyou never know which one could be a hit!

5. Consider offering workouts for kids

If you’ve only been catering to the adult market, try to see if you or your studio can develop a kids program. This can help your new or existing mom and dad clients take time off their hands by enrolling their children in your classes. Quarantine has cramped all professional and personal responsibilities at home, making things like parenting and working a 9-to-5 extra hectic. Try to see if this is feasible for you!

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6. Give out holiday package discounts

While you might be avoiding the prospect of offering lower rates, there is a bigger chance that you can get more sales and long-term clients this way. Use holidays or special events (Halloween, 11.11, Christmas, etc.) to attract more sign-ups. Space them out or make use of limited time offers so potential students won’t always expect discounted passesーand therefore waitーbefore signing up. You can even pop this at random to keep your audience on their toes.

Moving Your Fitness Coaching Business Online

Virtual fitness classes are here to stay, and offering these is the best way to move forward. While navigating online coaching is a bit tricky now, the silver lining here is that humans are built to adapt to new environments. It won’t be long before the fitness scene is back on its feet, serving people innovative ways to sweat it out and stay healthy.

Things are about to get even more exciting real soon. With the Splore app on the way, the team is excited to unveil a new way of hitting your fitness goals while fostering one big community onlineーwith features that will help coaches continue to make a living out of their passion. Be in the know by subscribing to our newsletter, and get exclusive access to freshly-released features and content. See you there!

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