7 Creative Ways to Stay Active Despite A Busy Schedule

7 Creative Ways to Stay Active Despite A Busy Schedule

Work can be stressful but forgetting to stay active can make it even worse! Here’s how to find that balance to get you back on track.

It’s important to stay active, especially when a big chunk of your day may be spent sitting at a desk. It improves brain health, boosts your immune system and more! But when tasks start piling up at work, suddenly working out becomes a box you never get to tick off your to-do list. To make matters worse, once you lose that consistency, it can spiral into a full-on sedentary lifestyle. Yikes! But how do you get back that groove you once had without taking too much time out of your schedule? Here are some tips to help you do that!


1. Walk or bike to work (if you can).

Sitting in a car just adds to the hours of inactivity. If you live somewhat close to your job, try walking or biking to work instead of driving. While it can be quite scary to ride along Manila streets amongst the many vehicles, local governments have actually adapted by adding in more bike lanes and stern rules.              



2. Adopt a pet.

Not only are they adorable, but having a pet can be beneficial for your mental health while also reducing your risk of heart attack. Just think of all the fun you and your furry friend are going to get into.  Building a new routine around your pet, playing and grooming them are enough to get you moving around more.

Splore Blog Alby Litton's British ShortHair Cat      Splore Blog Franz Brillantes' American Bulldog Bear Dog


3. Change your scenery.

Maybe you’ve gotten so used to the routine of going from home to work and vice versa that doing anything else seems like a chore. Now that regulations in tourist destinations have loosened up, try planning a quick weekend getaway. Exploring a new place is bound to get you walking, wandering and perhaps inspire you.

 Splore Team – Franz, Erica and Alby with friends Belle, Noel and Mars in Boracay. (Left to right)

4. Catch up on house chores.

You may not realise it but cooking, cleaning or even rearranging your home furniture can burn some calories. To add, it also makes you feel really productive while making your home an even nicer getaway from work.

Splore Blog Doing Household Chores


5. Try a new hobby.

Perhaps you’ve stopped prioritising your health because your current workout routine isn’t as exciting anymore. Now’s the perfect time to try a new class! There are a ton of fun options to choose from like barre, pilates, boxing to name a few!


6. Call a friend.
If you can’t seem to get out of your couch potato lifestyle, maybe a friend could help! Working out with someone whose company you enjoy can make the task less daunting. Plus, if you hold each other accountable for the next workout, it’ll only strengthen the friendship and give you something to look forward to.  You can also extend your newfound love for fitness to the rest of your barkada, get them to try a new class with you through our Gift Passes.

Splore Blog Talking to a Friend


7. Find reasons to stand up at work.
You don’t need to have a snazzy standing desk to stand during tasks. Try setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to stretch your legs for a few minutes every few hours. You can also use the time you spend waiting on certain things to go for a walk around the office. The slight changes of environment between work will help you clear your head and allow you to concentrate on the next task at hand.


Now, stop reading this and get going! Just kidding, all in your own time. Although, if you think you need the help of a supportive community of coaches and wellness enthusiasts like yourself to get moving, join our Discord channel and download the Splore app for classes, fitness gear and more!

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