Events Recap: What Made Splore ⚡

Events Recap: What Made Splore ⚡

You might be wondering what Splore does aside from offering fitness classes. Here are 4 events given to some of our partners that you might be interested in.

1. Weight to Go Challenge

Our 5-Week weight loss program for Cloud Development Resources was able to help ALL participant-employees to lose 15-20 pounds. Every week, we planned a live workout session with the help of Splore’s weight loss coach. Each participant was also given specific meal guidance based on personal goals and statistics. The Weight to Go is a Success since participants sustained their healthy habits even after the duration of the event.  


2. Nutrition Seminar and Workshop

The nutrition 301 Seminar focused on giving employees of Ring Central the basics of fitness as well as tips and tricks on how to do meal preparations. This seminar was followed by Nutrition 401 where the seminar’s concepts in meal prep were applied in real life from grocery buying to recipe testing. 


3. Jump Rope Work-Out

In partnership with, Coach Noel shared the importance and benefits of a jump rope workout for the 2022 National Physical Education Teachers’ Convention at Baguio. This is then followed by a jump-rope workout to supercharge the energy in the room. 

4. Fitness and Self-Development Webinars

The Foundational Fitness webinar encouraged employees of Sun Life to join weekly programs to build and sustain habits for fitness with Coach Noel. Some of these programs included sharing proper forms and foundations of bodyweight workouts like pushups, squats, planks, and more. This webinar broke down barriers of not knowing where to start since this is one of the leading reasons why people get discouraged from making their fitness journey. 

The building Strong Relationships webinar, on the other hand, taught employees techniques on how to build self-confidence through activities with Coach Jeric. This webinar aimed to encourage connecting with people and solidifying professional, friendly, family, and dating relationships 

Plan an event with Splore!

In terms of any fitness seminars, workshops, workout sessions, and meal preps, we got you! Feel free to schedule a call with Alby Litton, one of Splore’s founders, to find out what event suits your company best. We promise that this is just a call and no strings attached .. yet 😉

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