Quick Stress Relieving Techniques To Change Your Headspace ASAP

Quick Stress Relieving Techniques To Change Your Headspace ASAP

Rework your mind and get that job done, and perhaps even a promotion? 

Working during a pandemic is already overwhelming as is, moreso without any stress relieving methods to calm you down. We’ve all been there and have found that the most effective way to be on top of work during these times is by nurturing long-term mental and physical health. So here are some tips you can easily apply to keep you in check:




1. Breathe.

Slowly taking deep breaths is easily one of the most effective stress relieving approaches because it immediately lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. A more popular method used by athletes and soldiers is the 4-7-8 breathing technique which involves breathing in for 4 seconds, holding the breath for 7 seconds and exhaling for 8 seconds. Not only does this relieve anxiety, but it also helps you go to sleep earlier.

You can also try pranayama breathing, a yogic method that involves breathing through one nostril to relieve anxiety. Similar to acupuncture, this balances both the mind and body.


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2. Listen to Music.

Like the saying goes, “don’t listen to music to match your mood, but instead listen to music that puts you in the mood you want to be in.” Have a playlist ready for when you’re under pressure to boost your mood and help you get the task done. Whether it's classical music to relax you, jazzy sounds to help you focus or even your favourite bubbly bop that gets you mouthing all the lyrics, there’s a song out there that can help you get the job done.

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3. Count Backwards.

Try slowly counting from 1 to 20 and then backwards to calm down. You can even go further if you’d like to make it more distracting, why not up to 50? There’s less headspace for freaking out when you’re constantly trying to remember what number is supposed to come next.



4. Chase the Sun.

Try opening up the curtains and letting more sun in the room, it’s an easy way to cheer yourself up. In fact, bright light has been proven an effective treatment for people who suffer from depression, and can lift the spirits of otherwise healthy people.

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5. Have you tried yoga?

Not only is it a low impact, beginner-friendly exercise but it also helps you increase focus and relieve tension. All that sitting around at work tends to leave a strain on your upper body especially the shoulders, back and neck. Yoga poses strengthen and open tight areas, helping you keep good posture and develop a better body awareness.

You can also explore chair yoga, yep that’s a thing! While seated on chairs, you can do similar yoga poses such as twists, hip stretches, forward bends, and mild backbends, while still reaping the same health benefits.

Research has found that yoga is capable of lifting moods with some studies going as far to claim that it has a similar effect to your neurotransmitters as taking an antidepressant.

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6. Marie Kondo your workspace.
Perhaps looking at the clutter around your workspace could be ruining your zen. Try taking just a few minutes to remove anything distracting, making more room for your arms to move around and relax. Remove random papers you haven’t touched in a while, put all stray items in your drawers, throw away things that no longer work. Your desk should at least feel like your reprieve in a busy office setting. Fully reorganize your space if you have to, leaving only the essentials on top.



Hopefully, all these tips help you find calmness in your bustling workspace. Remember, you aren’t alone and there are always people out there that will listen to you. So, if you’re looking to achieve more long term solutions for your mental health, check out our Discord channel and download the Splore app to connect with a supportive community of coaches and wellness enthusiasts who are enthusiastic to help.

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