Ring Central Global Wellness Week Onboarding

GWW Mechanics:

  • Through June 6-9, you can earn points by doing these activities or completing these challenges:
  Points Activity
Accumulate a total of 5,000 steps in one day
Join a class hosted by Splore (maximum of 1 per day)
Attend the Nutrition seminar/webinar hosted by Splore
Post a healthy meal you made and will eat (maximum of 1 per day)
Post a screenshot of your sleep tracker with a recording of at least 7-9 hours of sleep (maximum of 1 for the duration of the wellness week)
Complete the total 20,000 steps for 4 whole days of this challenge
Attend a non-Splore event
Complete challenges given by either Splore or Ring Central
  • Officially record your steps by sending a screenshot of your tracker to the group assigned by Ring Central
  • Join Splore classes throughout the week (links to be sent out by Ring Central), take a selfie for extra proof and send over to the group!
  • Nutrition seminar details will be sent out to you! Stay tuned.
  • Healthy meals can be posted on the group as well at a maximum of 1 per day. Make sure you follow some of the lessons you learned from the nutrition seminar.
  • Healthy sleep can be posted on the group only once for the whole week. So make sure you get one good night sleep in this week!
  • Completing the total 20,000 steps for the 4 days will get you 10 extra points, so make sure you hit this target!
  • Ring Central will announce some non-Splore events and will coordinate with Splore on the participants. These participants will get extra points
  • Random challenges will be given out by Splore and Ring Central throughout the week. Every time you complete these challenges, you're rewarded with more points!

How to navigate your dashboard:

  • Ring Central's exclusive Splore page is https://www.splorefitness.com/pages/ring-central-global-wellness-week where you can
    • Access your dashboard
    • View the leaderboard
    • Shop for products
    • View Splore regular (non-RC sponsored) classes
    • View Splore's class calendar
  • If you've already signed up for the GWW challenge, then you'll receive an email like this: 
  • Upon clicking "View Invitation", create a login account to access your points dashboard 
    • In your points dashboard, you can view the following:
      • Feed - you can find the latest updates and activities of your peers here
      • Competitions - you can view the standings of the GWW leaderboard here
      • Badges - you can view all the available badges and which badges you've earned here
      • Points - this is where you can find the different types of points you can earn
      • Quests - (feature currently unavailable)
      • Players - you can view who else have joined the GWW challenge
      • Widgets - you can view the breakdown of points here
      • Profile - shows you your own stats 
If you have questions for us along the way, you could reach us via email at franz@splorefitness.com.