Splore Challenges!

Fill out the general information sheet and at the end of the form below, select a challenge you're down to do! Amazing prizes await you!

The mechanics are simple:

1. Do the challenge

2. Take a quick clip of it 

3. Post at least a 5 second snippet of it on your social media's story

4. Add the hashtags, #SploreUnlimited & #SploreYourFitness 

5. Tag @splorefitness's instagram

6. Follow Splore Fitness on Instagram @splorefitness

7. Show a Splore representative that you've done all of the above and wait for further instructions to claim your prize! Your prize will depend on the activity you'll do and how well you do it. So give it your all!


The raffle winner will get a goodie bag containing the following:

1. FLEX! resistance band set
2. Outdoor Magic product bundle
3. Candle from Eteri