Combat HIIT | June 16, 7:30pm HKT with Coach Jeric Pantaleon

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Splore Class by Coach Jeric Pantaleon

About the class:

Combat HIIT is a class that combines bodyweight exercises & mixed martial arts movements. It improves stamina, burns fat & tones muscles.

Difficulty level of this class: Beginner

For equipment needed for the class, you could use any of the 3:

1. Yoga Mat

2. Regular exercise mat

3. Puzzle Mat

In case you don't have any of the above, none will still work.

About the coach:

Coach Jeric is a Martial Arts Instructor (Kali, Muay Thai & Self Defense), Entrepreneur & a YouTuber. He is also a motivational speaker, a corporate seminar trainer & consultant, a team building facilitator and a vlogger.

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