FLEX 11-pc Resistance Band Set

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FLEX! 11-pc Resistance Bands Set is the perfect workout companion anytime, anywhere.


A set of FLEX! 11pc. Resistance Bands set includes the following:

·       5 resistance bands with different weight resistance

·      2 handles

·      2 ankle straps

·      1 door anchor

·      1 carry bag


The 5 resistance bands of differing weights that can be put together to get up to 100lbs of weight resistance:

·      Yellow: 10lbs

·      Red: 15lbs

·      Blue: 20lbs

·      Green: 25lbs

·      Black: 30lbs


The bands can be used to improve your fitness level, flexibility, strength, muscles, and for rehabilitation after an injury. You can customize your exercise routines depending on your fitness level. The set also contains a 1-pager exercise guide of different exercises to get you started.


Jumpstart your workout with FLEX!

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