KALI Filipino Martial Arts | Mondays, 8:00pm HKT With Coach Jeric Pantaleon

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Splore Class by Coach Jeric Pantaleon


KALI is a Filipino Martial Art class that teaches Knife Fighting, Stick Fighting & Self Defense. It also teaches how to use everyday objects as weapons. The class also includes light body weight exercises for cardio, fat burn and toning.

Duration: Class will run for 45 minutes to 1 hour

DIFFICULTY LEVEL OF THIS CLASS: Kali class for Splore is Basic/Beginner level

No Martial Arts experience needed

Materials needed:

1. Arnis sticks (can be replaced with an umbrella, rolled newspaper, toy sword or any long object)

2. Training Knife (can be replaced with butter knife, plastic knife or a pen)

3. Exercise / Yoga mat (optional)


Coach Jeric Pantaleon is a Globally Certified Filipino Martial Arts instructor (Balintawak Style), a trainer for law enforcement officers & VIP private students. His expertise is in close quarters fighting & also choreographs fight scenes for TV shows.

Some of his credentials:

PEKAF 2019 Knife Fighting Tournament Gold Medalist

PEKAF 2019 Stick Fighting Tournament Gold Medalist

BAXAFRA ARMOR Stick Fighting Tournament Bronze Medalist

Former Muay Thai Association of the Phil. Instructors Commitee Member (Quezon City Chapter)

Featured in Men's Health Magazine Philippines


Please register at least 2 hours before the class to get all the updates and notifications for it. 

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