Meditation, Energy Healing and Prosperity Activation | Saturdays, 10:00am HKT with Coach Maya Banawa

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Splore Class by Coach Maya Banawa


Duration: 30 minutes
This class begins with a powerful guided meditation and breathing techniques to pinpoint and experience one’s Self first hand. During the meditation, energy blocks from traumatic and unresolved experiences are cleared to make way for the river of true love, joy and prosperity to flow. The meditation restores unimpeded Life Force resulting to vitality and an unmistakable inner glow. You will attract life’s pleasant surprises and regain your ability to easily release stress, worries, and situations that no longer vibrationally match your hearts’ true desires.
Knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power - Lao Tzu
What you need in the session:
- A glass of water
- White candle, incense or anything that stimulates your sense of smell and makes your space more pleasant and chill
- Notebook and pen

About the coach:

Meditation Guide, Hypnotherapist, Art Therapist, Sacred Love & Prosperity Coach, Sound-bath Healer
Please register at least 2 hours before the class to get all the updates and notifications for it. 

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