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Become more aware of yourself.

Over 67% of people consider themselves stressed, be it from their work, careers, or personal lives. Most people would identify themselves as feeling “overwhelmed” and “overworked” from having to juggle many things.

In our world where it’s all about work and hustle, it’s easy to get used to the high-pressure environments, not knowing the long-term consequences of constantly being stressed and feeling burned out.

Ariane Machin, Ph.D., sports psychologist and co-founder of Conscious Coaching Collective, talks about how “people are more comfortable with meditation through repetitive movement and cuing as opposed to just sitting still.”

When people do not learn how to slow down and assess their headscape, they ignore the root cause of the problem and make them more susceptible to irreversible damages and health issues.

Holly Rilinger, a Nike trainer and a Flywheel Instructor, talks about how meditation and mindfulness can help lower our cortisol levels and help keep our headspace focused. 

“Meditation is not the absence of thought. We cannot stop thinking. We can, however, become more aware of our thoughts,” she says.

Our Mindfulness class incorporates meditation to help you find your focus and purpose in your everyday activities. By taking care of your mental space, you are able to manage your thoughts and emotions better, making you become a more well-rounded and productive individual, minus all the unnecessary stress.