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Everything's better when you dance.

At Splore, one of our key objectives is to create a judgment-free and inclusive fitness community, and what is a fitness community without dance classes?

Dance offers numerous physical and mental benefits, including better coordination, improved overall strength and endurance, lifts your mood, and eases anxiety. It’s also a fun activity that helps sharpen the mind while meeting new friends as you power through an intensive yet fulfilling workout.

Our coaches and fitness instructors are trained to give you the best, heart-pumping workout featuring an amazing playlist, encouraging environment, and a supportive community.

From Bounce DanceFit classes to WERQ to Zumba, we’ve got all genres, ages, and skill levels covered.


With coaches like Bea Tabuñar, Ysabel Lava, Marla Asenjo, and many more, you’re bound to find a style of dance that you resonate with. Check out their available classes here.

P.S. You don’t have to be an amazing dancer to reap the benefits from our classes!