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Our Nirvana classes aim to tone up one’s body through a series of easy-to-follow exercise sequences that primarily focuses on breathing, energy boost, and re-connection.

By learning to regulate your breathing and incorporating it in your fitness regime, you are able to enter a state of what many fitness coaches call a transient hypofrontality.

Transient hypofrontality, in simple terms, is a psychological term that refers to the temporarily slowing down of one’s prefrontal cortex.

This often occurs during intensive physical activities as we are typically focused at the beating of our hearts and the burn coursing through our legs that we don’t have room to overthink our problems for the day.

By participating in a calming activity that immerses you in the present and letting yourself forget about your worries for a while, you can detoxify your body and flow of mind.

Having a calmer and happier perspective in your own life can make you more patient when dealing with others and more focused when tackling your tasks.

To learn more about the effects of Nirvana classes, catch our coaches, Bea Tabuñar and Madie Dinglasan and their available classes here.